mastering this master key world with enthusiasm

img_0165here we go squirrels roosters the whole barn yard is in here lol


So I could compare this to the candidiasis diet when you start killing off yeast and sugar bugs

LOOK OUT THEY “WILL” get seemingly LOUDER ALL OF A SUDDEN your inhaling a chocolate bar and didn’t even like chocolate !! well I have some good masonry work when concrete went on

What is constant baffle why I keep my self from doing ALL THR WORK

Worked so hard so long physically and mentally emotionally I seem to have forgotten

SMARTER NOT HARDER usually I would think do it now not procrastinate

I have ALOT OF WORK TO DO thx anyone out there who even knows I am in here

Blogging a lot and always in my SLEEP which ,honesty this week I woke up just in time week 7 in week 19 over again almost from beginning ;

So I decided to take myself BACK TO FIND out where did I leave me behind so the lessons I got back to week 7 and BAM again WHAT IS IT AM I PRETENDING NOT TO SEE WELLLL Let ME SAY THIS I KNOW A NEW Reason MY EYES HAVE BEEN BOTHERING ME ,,,hard to Focus hmmm YES,!,,well I have honestly been NOT LOOKING OR SEEING Denial to self while self is half awake . Some reason I thought or convinced I did my opposite best TO AVOID DOING THE WORK PROPERLY !,,,,.!! and then NOT really ,,,,, WONDER WHY I AM NOT DOING WELL EITHER, say what? I know this reads insane ,



Awesome to discover how completely DAFT I could be to attempt fooling my self even when I know I am doing it to self / I know it’s a wt truck going on here.?

I am the only limitation to my life or I am the limitless fearless driver of my life bus!,which one is it dipstick?

My gear was stuck in fear,oh it’s ok I am used to feeling this way ,crappy,sad,rundown, exhausted , !! Well I guess so so so so busy no time to save my own LIFE? Nutz just nutZ

I have done my ” old self funeral “2x :::,now and she is a force to be reckoned with a “survivor ” through and threw thrown !?.actually everything from years past was mUCH MUCH STRONGER “……….¿ LESS PLASTIC!,! Built to last survived the dinosaurs and the sheep herd trampled all over me till I stood up looking a lot like the tiger I was born to BE!

I have had a major issue with the word ,,,PLAN hmm 4 letter word in my books , rules, conform , repetitive , I am over it I get out of my way now !


FEMALE OLD SELF …..ZOMBIE SPOTTED WALKING ( not the walk) TALKING , (still with perfect excuses, )… description stands about 5″2 , dark curly hair , cement falling off body in chunks , arms dangling due to over doing , mumbling random time lack of fear riddled worry mixed with belief systems twisted together in run on sentence form “must make money to survive ” BRAINS PLEASE FEED MY BRAIN !

If seen do not approach call for. MKE MASTER GUIDE OR call this number 250-802-6465 ask for Jasanna Real , she will come to put the Old Self back in ground where it was suppose to stay last year ! We apologize for any disruption or bs she may have repeated .

Well all I have to say is yep I am behind kinda , feel more ahead then ever before…….mke

Last year was work non stop in camp then come home do clients , then renovate garage in to a suite did it!

This year two parts rented out get as much of the house done and SELL THE BEAST , how I created this last 7 years started out with a bigger then normal bang last year Master key course ! Shifted freaked out , cried a lot almost all totally in joy of finding or being found by thinkers I have always thunk ! It’s still like I said before it was like being ET and phoning home ! Someone picked up on the other end and I panicked I think . Short of the very long of it no matter where I am in the course I am in the course FOR LIFE as well as life time member!

I have do it now ! MASTERED ,in all old life sir all rAll day sometimes all night , this hamster wheel is so worn out I may donate to Salvation Army or better yet some school kids lol. May have to just put in recycle bin and mulch it down Into a fleece vest or something , I live for Og he is such a true life saver , this year my partner joined that’s been EXTREMELY INTERESTING , plus I bought master key book and enjoy the lessons totally different this year , THINKING NEXT YEAR IS THE REAL SMOOTH RELAXED NO GUILT JUST CLEAR of many onion layers now getting caramelized and support from my incredible ever changing growing expanding miracle of the universe partner THINGS have gotten easier , deal-able FINALLY someone to relate to , with wow

I feel separated when the zoom call zooms right past me , or I haven’t had real chunk of time to mastermind , share Tweet so much moving in a two year period and almost all happened in my own house !

Had a short but sweet Dominican Republic vacation week then bam into Xmas then poof 9 days straight in Renovation plus tenants stuff moving and still Clients , this yellow bumbler is ready for the FUN PART . We have detailed new house working on details for a play puppet , interactive costume teaching kids good time

It’s A funny thing once you realize your calling

There is no more pretending not to hear it , no way at all !

Wide awake nervous of many ego thoughts for a moment , then reapply tools in practice . Pause . Continue , carry on bravely . Do my best ! Do it now . Keep light heart trust in process . Remember I am right where I am suppose to be , be ok with exactly that . I lean heavy on Og he always has the right lessons to keep the light in dark spots that seem to creep up .

Day Tight Compartment !!!

New Dmp

We are inspired with fire in our stimulated souls , we are totally going to powerhouse and Master Mind with our freshly rejuvenated free thinking brains , while swimming, sunning, sand, loving ,look out we are strong as two ! Puppets , costumes interaction Musical creative learning , promoting self thinking little people helping them stay on the clear, clean , pure path they naturally come in with , sheep suits will be on the discontinued list ! All hail the Master Keys …… to be continued .