LIke the ocean comes in and flows constant I am in the experience much more PRESENT , about since the day I arrived on earth PRESENT to begin the REVERSED journey as I see it now . DOING IT NOW . I must say I miss the connectiveness of weekly webinars so moving and reinstating my attention DISCIPLINE. Never has been the biggest strength with a busy mind henceforth lol , it ebbs and flows like the tides which we are so joined with naturally , oh hello Mr Amazing Eagle how beautiful and perfect …. working on keeping promises , Og often saves the dayz..

Aloha peeps!



  1. Grateful for the OG man!.
  2. Grateful for my man .
  3. Grateful for this huMAN Xperience , up to about 3/4 of it honestly , honest.
  4. Grateful  to be joined in May somehow someway excited to meet MKE relations from everywhere , and no where .
  5. Where? Under there ! Under where? Ha ha made you say underwear !,,,,,
  6. Grateful for giddy fun sleep deprived and on the run in the sun , herring are spawning on the kelp for the next 10 days the locals are busy busy here in Bella Bella , massive bounty to be had ! ENTHUSIASM is inspiring isn’t  it ?

Oh the title what is it really but just a heading in disguise

Blogging down the road I go  where it takes me nobody knows ?

Apparently I created this life ….

well now isn’t that a piece to think upon , and the stunned realization of  taking it for my team interesting  how I chose to take the leftover bag  of choices I choose I choose WOW  this one is a REAL STUNNER  ,. So I choose extremes I realize way UPs and equally way


SO this tells me find your happy MEDUIM MIDDLE POINT JASANNA

and choose wisely

be the love you seek freak  lol

Forgiveness in yellow whathehello,!.? So

First I am the worlds greatest unicorn, then saleswoman in a Britt golden yellow 

Suit pinstripes of the rainbow down my legs ,what on earthling am I doing .?

Flailing on the mountains and back 

Country roads take me to a place already built and fully Reno’d no more projects oh my what am I doing 

Bouncing like a let go helium balloon up then deflating into a short abyss only to levitate once again 

Do it now persistence little sleep lots of body moving to much clutter elephant is like a herd 

Not really heard at all nothing makes sense so why should I ? 

So much to much in tailspin even when I breathe not ?

Caution while reading into this may cause confusion